Avdar - Import and marketing of steels

“Avdar Albo” – The leading company in Israel in the field of metal supplies

Avdar Albo is an expert at supplying metals to the market. The company started its way in 1993 and went through a lot of changes until recently – it was reborn.

The company was founded by Avi Albo who is very familiar with the Metals industry for the last 3 decades and who inspires to be a leading force in the industry. The company is warm and familiar and provides service to different sectors in the industry such as – Construction, Logistics centers, Light construction, infrastructure and other industries.

To remain at the forefront of the market, ‘Avdar Albo’ focuses on logistical efficiency and represents a number of manufacturers from all around the world who offer a solution to the final materials, instead of importing raw materials and manufacturing inside Israel. By employing this work method the clients of the company get to enjoy fast deliveries, low costs and a very varied and versatile array of solutions for products in different fields of the industry – all through one leading supplier.

The company upholds international standards as far as product quality and is strict about supplying materials at an attractive price without compromising the quality of the materials. The companies’ values are assimilated into it since the day it was founded and allow every client to enjoy our innovation as far the material and service go. Additionally the company works by a strict and efficient work methodology which results in a customary chain of supply which is tailored to every clients needs.

The staff of ‘Avdar Albo’ is made up by experienced veterans who have proven their efficiency and experience over the years, this staff is here to make sure every client gets a direct and personal touch and to make sure every customers is treated with the highest standards ‘Avdar Albo’ can provide.